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C.H.A.T. supports clients considering separation, struggling through the process of divorce and post-judgement challenges, including co-parenting.  With a Certified Divorce & Transition Recovery Coach® clients move through the divorce process in a more organized, controlled and positive-focused manner.

Clients, particularly those leaving emotionally abusive relationships and struggling through high-conflict, report that working with a Divorce Coach helped them to stay focused on the negotiation process, remain present in parenting, and ultimately get through the divorce faster, saving time, money & months of emotional turmoil.

As needed, C.H.A.T. offers referrals to attorneys that specialize in mediation, collaboration and litigation, financial experts to support marital accounting and post-judgement planning, and mental-health providers for psychological support.  

What's a Divorce Coach?

A Certified Divorce Coach® is a trained mental health professional that specializes in the "business of divorce." They work with clients through the entire or part of the divorce or uncoupling process to provide private and non-judgemental emotional, organizational, communication & strategic support, in conjunction with other divorce professionals including attorneys, therapists, child psychologists, and financial experts. 

Why do I need a Divorce Coach?

A Certified Divorce Coach® can help determining if you are "ready" for divorce, and if so, the right "divorce process" to pursue. With a vetted network in place, a coach can assist in identifying and hiring legal representation, qualified therapists, and financial/real estate professionals.

A coach will support and educate you through the emotional turmoil that divorce can bring, helping you to understand what to expect, how to prepare, how to support your children, etc.  A coach can also assist in preparing for legal meetings, mediation or court, organizing financial documents and working through complicated parenting concerns. This allows you to stay focused, recover faster from the transition, and ultimately to develop a sense of excitement and hope about the future sooner. 


Typically, a Certified Divorce Coach® charges a monthly fee equal to one or two hours of a divorce attorney's time. You can expect scheduled sessions, plus flexible on-call support including evenings and weekends in some cases. And, ironically, hiring a Certified Divorce Coach typically reduces the overall cost of the divorce, as you stay organized and focused, instead of getting stuck in emotional complications.

"I had never heard of a Divorce Coach.  I stumbled through the beginning of my divorce without a coach, before finding C.H.A.T.  I already had a great attorney and a wonderful therapist, but they weren't always available when I was struggling with questions, emotions and co-parenting frustrations.  In the beginning, I was constantly relying on my lawyer to hear my frustrations, and not only ran up my bill but bogged down my lawyer with non-legal questions.  When I hired a coach, I felt that they understood my situation and could guide me through the chaos, and my lawyer could focus on the legal proceedings, not my emotional struggle."

"I don't know how I would've gotten through my divorce without C.H.A.T.  They literally helped me COPE, HOPE & THRIVE!  I didn't realize how difficult the divorce process would be.  It's a very stressful process no matter what but I can't imagine doing it without a coach."

"My divorce was finalized a year ago, but I continue to struggle with co-parenting conflict. I hired CHAT to support me through the transition of becoming a single, co-parent. Sometimes I need to "run things by" someone who understands the complicated dynamic that my co-parenting situation presents.  I have an attorney when I need legal counsel, but my coach is available to help me manage co-parenting challenges and related interaction with my ex spouse in a calm & timely way."

"When I first reached out to CHAT, I didn't know anything about divorce.  I didn't even know 100% that I wanted a divorce, or if I could afford a divorce, or how to even begin.  My coach was instrumental in helping me understand my options and helped me to gather my strength and gain clarity to finally file and get out of what was a very unhealthy situation."

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